Board of Directors

An effective Board of Directors is successful when the individual Board members bring a diversity of talents to the organization and are willing to use their talents in achieving the goals of GCSO.



President, John McFarland

Vice President, Cindy Lamb

Secretary, Cindy Lamb

Treasurer, Maria Johnson


Board of Directors


Drew Allen

Cameron Bell

Jeff Clark

Gonzalo Escobedo

Lynn Frisby

Jerry Griffith

Ginny Hermetz

Al Hopkins

Lynn Lofton, Guild President

Michael Malenfant

Dave Marshall

Bill McDonough

Margaret McKenzie

Janell Nolan

Susan Pollard, Guild Liason

Brenda Simkins

Butch Simpson

Deanne Stephens

Bobbie Thomas

Kathy Brown Van Zutphen

Dave Weldon

Janice Williams

Jonathan Woodward


Honorary Board Members

Katherine Blessey

Melanie Clark

Tom Graves

Cherry Hall

Jack Hoover

Becky Jenner

Charlotte Orr

Peggy Schloegel

Ron Schmidtling

Don & Peggy Spraberry